Accreditation of Ayre Manor

Sooke Elderly Citizens’ Housing Society is proud to announce that Ayre Manor is proceeding with full accreditation through Accreditation Canada. The decision to proceed followed our successful Primer level accreditation, achieved in November 2018.

Ayre Manor is committed to the quality care and safety for our residents and to continually improving our services. We are voluntarily participating in accreditation with Accreditation Canada to learn what we're doing well and what we can improve. By having external surveyors assess our services against national standards, we are better able to focus our efforts. Everyone at Ayre Manor is involved in accreditation, from residents and families to front-line staff and volunteers to our board members.

About Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada is an independent, non-profit, 100% Canadian organization, which has been Canada's trusted accreditor for over 55 years. Their Qmentum Accreditation Program is an ongoing process of assessing health care and social services organizations against standards of excellence. Accreditation helps health care organizations create stronger, more effective teams by improving communication and collaboration, leading to improved care.

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“There are a number of components to accreditation against which we measure our quality efforts, including standards and required organizational practices. We were assessed against 89 standards during our Primer level and we are now working to meet over 600 National standards to achieve full accreditation.”

– Linda Quigley, Director of Care

“I am very proud of everyone at Ayre Manor. They work incredibly hard to make sure they provide our community with health care services that are safe, effective and of the highest quality. I have no doubt we will be successful and fully accredited before the end of 2020.”

– Kerry Williams, Executive Director

“Over the next year, in preparation for our full survey in November 2020, the Ayre Manor Board of Directors, Administration, Staff, Residents, Families and Volunteers will be working together to achieve the highest standards of excellence in care. Our committee comprises of 5 hardworking teams to address the required areas that Accreditation Canada has established; Infection Prevention and Control, Governance, Leadership, Medication Management and Long Term Care. I am very confident that we will meet and exceed all of the standards. To promote our Accreditation journey in the community one of our activities was to join in the Sooke Santa Claus Parade – what fun! We have a great team committed to quality.”

– Accreditation Coordinator, Caren McTavish


Contact Caren McTavish
Accreditation Coordinator at Ayre Manor
Phone: 250.642.1750